IHAA events - entry information

1. Postal matches

The IHAA organises 24 straight track postal matches each year and some arena or polish track postal matches in addition. These are open to everyone at no cost! All you need to do is set up the track as described in the rules and run it at home or in your club, get a witness to score and countersign it for you then enter the results online!
Information about current matches is posted here and on our FB page, you can also find out which tracks are coming up so that you can start practicing now.

2. European Grand Prix

The eGP is a team competitio, in recent years including the following European Countries: France, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Finland, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey.
Team selection is managed by the IHAA member association for that country so if you wish to apply for team selection please get in touch with them - they will be able to tell you their selection criteria. Contact information can be found here.

3. World Grand Prix 2021

There will be 2 linked parts of the wGP in 2021. For more information read the wGP page

wGP Team event

Team entry:
All IHAA countries are invited to enter teams of between 5 and 9 riders.
Entries must be received via email by the Competition Secretary, Petra Wilson wgp.petra@gmail.com by midnight on 31st March. You must register the intent to enter up to one team in each of the age categories: Senior, Youth and Junior, but we do not need to know the names of your team-members at this time. You will be invoiced 100 Euros for each team. You must also let us know the name of your nominated Team Manager.

People wishing to ride on their national team should apply to their national governing body for selection in the normal manner - they will be able to tell you their selection criteria if you are uncertain. Contact information can be found here: www.ihaa.info.

iHBA teams:
iHBA eligible riders who are interested to form a team should complete this form. More information on iHBA eligibility can be found here link to iHBA page, http://ihaa.info/ihba.html. If you’re uncertain and would like more information please contact us horsebackarchery.info@gmail.com
In 2020 we had a single iHBA team of 9 riders. We hope that this year we will be able to put together a couple of teams - watch this space.
The cost of entry is 10 euros each. If it is not possible for us to include you in a team we hope that you will still join in as an individual If one country can field 5-9 iHBA eligible riders please enter directly via your country as for the age group teams.

wGP postal match for individuals

There will be 3 tri-event postal matches running as part of the wGP competition
Postal 1 alongside stage 1: 1st April - 30th June
Postal 2 alongside stage 2: 1st June - 31st August
Postal 3 alongside stage 3: 1st August - 31st October
An individual may only enter each stage once (whether their participation is within a team or as an individual). They may enter all 3 stages.

- Everyone may enter the wGP tri-event postal matches: ie.
1. Individuals who are on a national wGP team (or an iHBA team) in other stages
2. Individuals who are affiliated to their IHAA member association but not on the wGP team
3. Individuals who live in an IHAA country but are not affiliated to their IHAA member association
4. Individuals from countries with no IHAA links
- Individuals 1-3 must enter through their national member association
Individuals 4 must enter via the IHAA (email the Competition Secretary on wgp.petra@gmail.com)

- The cost of entry is €10 for one stage, €15 for two stages, €20 for three stages
For individuals (1) who have/will be entered through national team entry too, the cost is €5 per additional individual stage
The fee should be paid at the time of entry direct to your national member association (groups 1-3) or direct to the IHAA (group 4). Entry fees will be adjusted to local currency outside of the Eurozone (please check with your member association)

It is necessary to enter at least a week in advance of doing your scored runs as the wGP has more checks associated with it than a standard postal match. Your country’s wGP manager (or the wGP competition secretary for group 4 individuals) will then get back to you with a package of information. This will include rules, scoresheets, and safety monitoring forms. They will discuss the process of track verification with you as all tracks must be checked by a track moderator. Afterwards you will need to return scans/photos of your completed and countersigned scoresheets to your member association who will return the scores on your behalf. Please share photos of your team and individual participation in the 2021 World Grand Prix with us either on the Facebook wGP page or by email media.ihaa@gmail.com. And remember to tag us on your private and club posts #IHAAwGP #wGP2021

4. IHAA World Championships and Regionals Championships

Places are highly sought after for these events and so entry is restricted to teams and individuals nominated by the national governing bodies of IHAA affiliated countries.

Anyone wishing to be selected to compete in these competitions should contact their national governing body who will be able to advise them on selection protocol in that country and of deadlines to apply for selection for any particular event.

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