European Championships

The IHAA European Championships takes place every other year. As with the other major IHAA championships, the Horseback Archery Eventing discipline is contested.

European Championships 2017, France

The first Horseback Archery European Championships was held in France in June 2017. Close to 80,000 people came past the large white sand competition rings during three 3 days of competition in the FFE's Parc Equestre Federal in Lamotte-Beuvron, France.

Organisers: Alan le Gall, FFE & FITE

Results summary:

European Champion
1st: Mihai Cozmei, 2nd: Levente Maucha, 3rd: Emil Eriksson

Junior European Champion
1st: Agnes Maucha, 2nd: Leszek Moniakowski, 3rd: Marcus Hjortsberg

Senior Team results:
(1st) Hungary-Romania alliance, (2nd) Poland, (3rd) Sweden

Junior team results:
(1st) France, (2nd) Poland, (3rd) Sweden

European Championships 2019, Poland

In September 2019 the European Championships were held in Poland. The wooded Polish (Hunt) track was the defining feature of this HBAE competition. 42 competitors from 12 European countries took part.

Organisers: Kawalkada, PHAA

Results summary:

European Champion
1st: Christoph Nemethy (Al Johara), 2nd: Wojtek Osiecki (Mr Jumar Bar), 3rd: Sergey Odinokov (Lampart)

Young Rider European Champion
1st: Levente Maucha (Al Johara), 2nd: Martin Imbert (Valasco), 3rd: Martin Opoix (Question)

Junior European Champion
1st: Marcus Hjortberg (Tajfun), 2nd: Youn le Gall (Chinggis ar ch'oat), 3rd: Siem Budding (Latte)

Team results:
(1st) France - Martin Imbert, Youn Le Gall, Martin Opoix, Alexandre Iato
(2nd) Hungary - Levente Maucha, Christoph Némethy, Ágnes Maucha
(3rd) Poland - Wojtek Osiecki, Leszek Moniakowski, Oskar Dawid, Anna Sterczyńska

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