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17-20 March 2022 USA Texas STAR Horseback Archery Competition Open Raid/Tower form
1-3 April 2022 USA Virginia Shoot with a Purpose Competition Open HBAE
30 April-3 May 2022 Poland Grunwald 11th International Mounted Archery Games Grunwald 2022 - European Grand Prix Stage 1 Open HBAE Registration form Website
13-15 May 2022 USA California Mayhem on the Mountain Open HBAE
20-22 May 2022 Turkey Balıkesir Raiders' Meet International Horseback Archery Competition By invite _
3-5 June 2022 USA Tennessee TNVA Versatility Open Open HBAE
15-18 June 2022 USA Colorado Silver Arrow Classic II Open HBAE
16-19 June 2022 Turkey Kayseri Sancekbeyi Nations Cup - European Grand Prix Stage 2 Open HBAE Registration form
1-6 July 2022 Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan Altyn Zhebe Championship By invite Rakat Zhaksybay
15-17 July 2022 Hungary Pomáz International Horseback Archery Competition Open HBAE
15-17 July 2022 USA Washington Thunder on the Prairie II Open HBAE form
22-24 July 2022 USA Virginia 2nd Annual Summer Sizzler Open HBAE
29-31 July 2022 Russia Serpukhov St George the Victorious International Tournament By invite HBAE
5-8 August 2022 USA California Storm the Beach Open HBAE
12-13 August 2022 USA Washington Shoot the Moon II Open HBAE
12-14 August 2022 USA Utah Battle on the Mountain Open HBAE
20-28 August 2022 France Bellac Gauchoux Open 2022 - European Grand Prix Stage 3 Open HBAE Registration form _
23-25 September 2022 USA California Harvest Havoc Open HBAE
20-23 October 2022 USA Tennessee TNVA Clash of Clans Open HBAE
8-11 December 2022 United States Texas (Sherwood Forest Faire) The Texas International Archery Festival (TXIAF) Open _ Registration form

The programs may be subject to change.

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The IHAA was established in late 2013.

Bringing the Global community of Horseback Archers together via Postal Matches and a standardised Grading System.

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