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The IHAA World Championships in Horseback Archery Eventing will take place every other year.

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IHAA 1st Horseback Archery Open World Championships

5th – 8th July 2018 Pomáz, Hungary
Organizer: Némethy Horseback Archery Academy

World Championships in Horseback Archery Eventing: Event History

The IHAA has in recent years been moving towards joint aims of both providing for the wider horseback archery community (with the postal matches and grading) and also supporting high level competition (starting with the European Championships in 2017 and now the World Championships).

​Of course the significance of the IHAA European and World Championships, in comparison to some other top level international competitions,​ is that we are competing in Horseback Archery Eventing... This 3 event discipline requires expertise in the in the varied events of Korean, Hungarian and Polish - to succeed at HAOWC you had to excel in all of them and be able to work with your horse to optimise your scoring on both straight and cross-country tracks.

All credit for this event must go to Christoph Némethy - he presented his vision for HAOWC to the IHAA committee and has worked tirelessly to produce a highly successful competition at the Némethy Lovasíjász Akadémia/Némethy Horseback Archery Academy in Pomaz, Hungary. Our thanks to him and to his team for their work before and during the competition week.

The other ingredients for a successful competition are the rules and judging. The IHAA committee have spent months fine tuning the rules and producing a printed rulebook. The results of the competition showed the rules to be fair and to allow all archers to have a chance of winning whether riding a fast or slower horse. Our thanks to the 3 main judges at HAOWC - Anders Wredendal, Alan le Gall and ​Michał​ ​Choczaj,​ ​plus ​the helpers and commentators who kept the competition running efficiently at all 3 tracks (which hosted the Korean, Hungarian and Polish events concurrently on each of the 3 main competition days)

A big thank you also to Radek Kożuch who developed the scoring system used during HAOWC. Scores were updated constantly and could be followed in real time online - adding an extra level of excitement for those of us there and allowing friends at home to follow the changing leader-board.
Last, but definitely not least, thanks to those who provided horses for the event and our gratitude to the horses themselves. Horseback Archery Eventing provides a greater challenge than a competition in just one style of horseback archery - we demand even more of our horses and more of ourselves in getting to know them quickly and finding how we can work together with the varying demands of the different tracks.

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