World Grand Prix

2020 World Grand Prix

The 2020 World Grand Prix was the IHAA's response to the challenge of continuing international competition during the Coronavirus pandemic. It ran as a worldwide virtual competition between July and October 2020. By the end of the event, 245 competitors had galloped along more than 4000km of competition track during 78 local competitions. 31 teams from 21 countries took part. Of these, 6 were junior teams (aged 17 or younger), and 4 were youth teams (aged 21 or younger). An iHBA (para) team, with riders from 4 different nations, participated too, in the Open category.

Teams which participated in the 2020wGP: Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Malaysia, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and USA.

The wGP is a team competition. Each team had to consist of between 5 and 9 competitors which were selected by their national governing body and the team was required to return 9 sets of scores (therefore teams of fewer than 9 riders would have some individuals compete twice). Each rider will compete in 3 events: the Tower-90, Raid 2-3-3 and an exciting new track, the Skirmish-90. Scores from each person contribute to the team total.

Through the competition a social media event page containing rider biographies, photos, videos and livestreaming allowed the whole international horseback archery community to get behind the competitors and to be engaged with the event. Search on Facebook for #2020wGP

Congratulations to the winning teams:

Open category:
1st: Poland, 2nd: Turkey, 3rd: Mongolia

Youth category:
1st: Hungary Young Riders, 2nd: USA YR & Jnrs, 3rd: Netherlands YR & Jnrs

Junior category:
1st: Sweden Juniors, 2nd: France Juniors, 3rd: Turkey Juniors

Overall top placed team - Hungary Young Riders
Archers: Krisztián Benyó, Dorottya Fehér, Ágnes Maucha, Levente Maucha, Botond Molnár, Levente Zatykó
Horses: Batukén, Centúrió, Herceg, Izmos, Szellő

Click here to view the wGP video which conveys all the excitement of the competition and its global reach.

The IHAA has yet to decide whether the wGP will be a one off event or will be continued in future years.

2020 World Grand Prix: Official results

Overall results:
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Open category results:
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Youth results
Junior results

2021 World Grand Prix

We had all hoped that 2021 would see a return to normal international travel and competition. In some countries this is the case, but others still experience significant restrictions both for local mixing or for international travel. For this reason we have decided to run the World Grand Prix in a similar format to 2020, but with some alterations to allow even more people to be involved.
Going forward we would like to see this competition evolve further to mirror the HBAE ethos of the IHAA and include non-linear tracks. However in 2021 we will continue with the trio of wGP tracks from 2020 that we know and love: the Raid 233, Tower 90 and Skirmish 90 tracks - all of which can be run on a 90m straight track.

The 2021 World Grand Prix has two linked events running in parallel:
- wGP Team Championships (for national teams and iHBA teams)
- wGP tri-event postal matches (for all individuals)

The wGP will be organised through the year in three stages:
- Stage 1 = April, May, June 2021
- Stage 2 = June, July, August 2021
- Stage 3 = August, September, October 2021

The wGP Team Championships is similar to the 2020wGP competition. It is open to national teams in one of 3 age categories (open, youth and junior) with team entry via national governing bodies who are affiliated to the IHAA. National iHBA teams or multinational iHBA teams managed by the IHAA, will also take part in the wGP Team Championships.
We will be sharing running updates at the end of each competition stage for how the teams in each age category are ranking against each other. At the end of the competition, final results and medals will be awarded for age categories and overall rankings.

The wGP tri-event postal matches are for all individuals, regardless of affiliation. You can enter the tri-event postals for each of the three stages throughout the year. After each stage has closed, we will post individual combined results according to the normal postal match categories (senior; young rider, junior & children; and iHBA) and recognise the winners in each category. Entry information can be found on the Entry Information page.

Keep an eye on the IHAA's World Grand Prix Facebook event page where we will share photos, videos, and sometimes live-streaming links for wGP events from all over the world.

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